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In Passing X The Genteel

So excited to announce my collaboration with!

It's actually quite an interesting story. Would you like to hear it? alright, you've convinced me.
It was all by a huge stroke of luck that I happened to be sitting next to Natalie in a Monday morning class. We got to talking about our passions, mine for fashion and hers for writing. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was emailing Mona (Editor of the Genteel) who turned out to be Natalie's long time friend.  it was definitely my lucky day because the next next thing I knew I was officially on board at the Genteel! I even got my own bio page. I was giggling like a school girl when I saw my post for the first time.  Here it is:

The Genteel: When Black Becomes Blah

There will be a new post up every Tuesday, so stay tuned! 

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