Street Style in Montreal

Street Style in Montreal & Vancouver


Inspiration of the week: BOT

via boardoftradeco.
I had the great opportunity of working with The Board of Trade co. this past summer. The owners Eunice and David are Vancouver locals that decided to share their stylish eye with the city and open up a brand spankin' new shop in the heart of Strathcona/ Chinatown. They used their talents to bring us special designer pieces from places as far as Singapore and Thailand.
The picture above is from their most recent in house women's collection. Even though it's officially winter, I still love a good ankle cleavage. It always gives a plain pant an extra edge... not that these are plain, lace-drop-crotch pants? What more can a girl want? I also love the subtle blue of the blouse paired with the statement fur vest. All of these unique pieces in a vintage feeling photo is definitely, in Eunice's words, "immaculate". 


Running from the cold.

 It was a bone chilling -10 degrees today, which seemed to make everyone speed off to their next warm destination. 
Luckily, I found some kind students that were bundled up enough to stop and let me take their picture. 


Inspiration of the week: Fanning sisters

article via wmagazing/ photos via houseofdarling
What do I love about this photo? More like what's not to love?
 I know this photo was probably posed, but it looks oh so natural. This just shows how good at acting the Fanning sisters really are. I think the younger sister helping the older is interesting, it's an unusual play on the dynamic of siblings. I don't know if I'd take style advice from my younger sister to be honest...  sorry sis. 
Anyways  I love love love the muted colors of the photo, it draws your focus to their faces. 
And those faces sure are beautiful! 


Free books from dapper gents. St Catherine

These guys were giving the gift of free literature in style! 
Interested? get yours at the corner of Guy and St Catherine st. 


Inspiration of the week

via thesartorialist
Racerbacks seem to be really "right now" in the warmer parts of the planet. Unluckily for us we're already in winter mode, I've officially put my trench in the closet. sigh....
Anyhow, I love this picture from none other than the inspiration that started this blog. The Sartorialist's pictures are more like little stories than just fashionable moments. Can you tell what's happening here? 


Inspiration of the week: VG

Stunning. I could not take my eyes away from this picture when I came across it on Easy Fashion. The bokeh makes it seem like there is literally a halo around her head. Her eyes are piercing and somehow soft. hello perfection!
Here's another one of Vika Gazinskaya. this one shows more of her outfit, it has a playful print but the cut is still so elegant. Somebody tell me how!?