Street Style in Montreal

Street Style in Montreal & Vancouver


Inspiration of the week

I love the uniform feel of their outfits contrasted with how comfortable they both look in this moment. This photograph manages to capture so many things, yet keeps the clear emphasis on the couple. Oh, to be as ingenious as The Selby! It always makes my photography mouth water. 


Happy birthday blog!

I am so immensely grateful for all of your support! In the past month, in-passing has had over 2000 views from places all over the world, as far as France, Japan and Australia. I started this little blog with the hope that I would capture the unique styles that I see on the street everyday and be able to share it, so that you could experience it too... but I never dreamed that I would have so many readers! 

So thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made my little dream a reality. -Priscilla 


hello from Toronto...

I spent a wonderful two days in Toronto for the long weekend. It was sunny and gorgeous everyday. I met a lot of cool people and got to spend sometime with an old friend. But of course, I did a little shopping too,  Kensington market now has a special place in my heart.  

Chasing Shoes


Chasing Shoes

Here's a little preview of the segment I'm working on now. wait and see...!