Street Style in Montreal

Street Style in Montreal & Vancouver


Pastel Blue. Crescent st

Given the official proclamation of pastel as this years summer trend by fashion blogs and magazines alike, you can imagine that I was less than surprised to see hues of pastel plastered on legs all over the streets. So I've learned to almost completely ignore people in pastel because when I shoot pictures for my blog I want my subjects to have something special about them, an edge above the rest, if you will. When I noticed this gentleman I was 1. surprised that I even saw him (pastel blue should equal invisible to me)! 2. I was interested in the way he paired his pastel with a crisp white shirt and tailored navy blazer. Well done sir, you've impressed me.     


In love with Elisa.

pictures via styletao and stylishhijab

I have more than a small infatuation with Elisa Nalin. If you follow me, you'd have noticed that I've tweeted multiple pictures of her over the months. If I could be anyone in the fashion biz I would be her in a heart beat. When I think of Parisian fashion, all I can see is Elisa. No matter what season or weather she never fails to don ultra colourful pieces.  Then there's the prints! and the shoes! and the sunnies! All tied together with a masculine yet elegant bow. No wonder she's always laughing. 


Burst of color. On the street

This gentleman is a true, sight for sore eyes. The past few weeks I have admittedly been living under a tired grey cloud and dressing like it too. Recently though on the way home from work I crossed paths with this guy. He was wearing a different outfit at the time, though just as colorful and I thought to myself 1. Drats! where is my camera? 2. color exists! So today, by a huge stroke of luck, I spotted him on the street and he did not disappoint.